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Blood🩸 Sweat💦 & Tears😭

When I look back and think on everything that took place to get to this point personally and collectively as a team, I get overcome by emotion because I’m extremely PROUD of this accomplishment. Most people usually focus on the end result and tend to forget about all of the hard work and trials that comes alongside the journey of winning a National Championship. The staff putting in late hours to prepare us, trainers keeping us healthy, managers making sure we have all that we need. There’s so many pieces to the puzzle to succeed. As a team, this group ALWAYS had the next man’s back. No matter if it were a win or a loss (didn’t experience many). We genuinely wanted to succeed as a TEAM, as well as wanting each of us to succeed individually. No matter who we played, our best games were always in practice. The 2nd team took pride in pushing the starters to excellence.. A REAL TEAM- A REAL BROTHERHOOD.. WE PLAYED FOR THE NAME ACROSS OUR CHEST- NOT OUR BACKS

Individually, I went through sooooo much to get to MARYLAND. To some, it appeared to be an easy journey. But those closest to me knew the hurdles and sacrifices I went through to get to that level. The biggest hurdle for me didn’t have anything to do with a ball or a defense designed to stop me. Instead, it was a standardized test!! With a scholarship offer on the table fresh out of high school in 2000, all I had to do was score high enough on the SAT’s to suit up for this PRESTIGIOUS program! That would never come! Atleast, not until a year later anyway. During my senior year of high school, almost every away game fans would chant things to frustrate me about my struggles with the SAT. Each time my test scores came back, I would cry. And I would cry harder & harder as the disappointing results continued. But I stayed RESILIENT, MOTIVATED , FOCUSED and DETERMINED to get the job done until the day that result came back clearing me to be a member of the TERPS

Fast forward a year later, without a single McDonalds All American on that 2002 team and our names would FOREVER be etched in history

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20years- Our “one shining moment” became a “FOREVER MOMENT”



#20yrreunion #ForeverTeam #greatness

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